Union Busting Tactics



Union busting is a pejorative term used by media, labor organizations, and others worldwide to describe a wide range of activities undertaken by employers, their proxies, and governments, which attempt to disrupt or prevent the formation or expansion of trade unions. The term "union busting" is used in current vernacular to describe activities in labor relations that do not favor unions. Union busting tactics can range from legal to illegal and subtle to violent. Labor laws exist country to country differing greatly in level and type of regulation or protection of unions, organizing, and other aspects of labor relations. These can affect such topics as posting notices/communications, organizing inside or outside employer property, solicitations, card signing, union dues, picketing, work stoppages, striking,  strikebreaking, lockouts, dismissals or termination of employment, permanent replacements, automatic recognition, derecognition, ballot elections, employer-controlled trade unions and more. Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that everyone has a right to form and/or join a trade union.