National Union Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO holds Organizing Meeting @ Braidwood Nuclear

Braidwood Illinois, 12/15/2020 - The National Union of Nuclear Security Officers (NUNSO), LEOS-PBA held an organizing meeting with the nuclear security officers working at Braidwood Nuclear in Illinois on 12/15/2020. NUNSO representatives where on hand to answer the many questions these officers had while many questions were answered throughout the 3 hour power point presentation including the many benefits of joining NUNSO, LEOS-PBA.

Due to COVID-19 concerns each officer was given a NUNSO mask and CDC guidelines were followed.

Braidwood Nuclear is one of a number of nuclear facilities owned and operated by Exelon Corporation. NUNSO expects to file an election with the National Labor Relations Board NLRB on behalf of the 100 Braidwood Nuclear security officers sometime in early January 2021. Presently Braidwood Nuclear is represented by a rival security guard union. Many of the Braidwood Nuclear security officers are seeking to switch Unions to NUNSO, especially do to the fact NUNSO was successful in negotiating a much better collective bargaining agreement then Braidwood on behalf of the Clinton Nuclear security officers in the state of Illinois which is also owned and operated by Exelon Corporation. In addition to the above many of the Braidwood Nuclear security officers were very impressed with the representation it was receiving by NUNSO as noted by the letter below by the Chief Steward of Clinton Nuclear.

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