LEOSU Affiliated Union NUNSO is Seeking to Represent the Nuclear Officers @ Ginna Nuclear in NY

On the heels of our BIG WIN @ Braidwood Nuclear plant our affiliated Union National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO will soon be seeking to represent the 72 armed and unarmed security officers working for G4S Regulated Security Solutions, a division of G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. at the Ginna Nuclear Station in Ontario, New York a Exelon facility.

On 4/16/2021 the National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO, LEOS-PBA officially filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board NLRB to represent the 72 nuclear security officers @Ginna Nuclear Station. NUNSO director Victor Nichols stated "we are excited to start this campaign and present to these Ginna Nuclear officers the many benefits our Union NUNSO has to offer these nuclear officers just like what we did at Braidwood Nuclear".

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