261 Denver International Airport Security Officers Vote In Favor of Joining LEOSU-CA

March 31, 2021 Denver Colorado - 261 HSS, Inc airport security officers working at Denver International Airport made their voices heard loud and clear when the majority of these officers voted in favor of joining our affiliated Union Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-CA on March 31st by a score of 101 to 79.

This election was not your typical yes or no vote, rather not only did we have to fight off the employer HSS, Inc who used the NLRB process to delay this election, but we also had to to fight off the incumbent Union SEIU Local 105 out of Denver Colorado who ran a two and a half month vote NO campaign. In the end the majority of these HSS, Inc airport security officers were not fooled by SEIU Local 105's Anti-Union Vote NO Propaganda smear campaign.

Download PDF • 233KB

We wish to welcome these 261 HSS, Inc airport security officers in our LEOSU Family.

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