Take Action Now Tell Your Members of Congress to Support PRO ACT

Last week, The Washington Post called H.R.2474 The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act “Congress’s most ambitious attempt to strengthen unions in years” — and they’re right.

The PRO Act:

  • Establishes meaningful penalties for violation of workers’ rights

  • Ensures our freedom to organize and negotiate for wages and respect on the job

  • Strengthens workers’ right to strike against injustice and abuse in the workplace

We’re facing unprecedented levels of wealth inequality, stagnant wages and increasing job insecurity, but history tells us that the most effective response to greedy bosses and corporations run amuck is organized labor. Passing the PRO Act would finally give us a chance to return economic power to working people.

Call 888-848-4824 to tell your Representative to vote YES on the PRO Act.

In solidarity, LEOSU

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