2020 LEOSU-CA / Paragon Los Angeles Leadership Committee Meeting

On December 12, 2020, The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-CA, LEOS-PBA Paragon Los Angeles Leadership Committee met using the video conference program Zoom. LEOSU-CA Organizing Director Steve Maritas chaired the meeting attended by at least 15 Los Angeles Paragon leadership committee members.

First order of business was to discuss the the switch over from their present healthcare provider to the company's plan effective January 1, 2021 and our goal of bringing in a Kaiser Permanente healthcare plan as well as several other affordable plans. In addition to the above, the leadership committee discussed upcoming local union elections, changing the local number from Local 3 to LEOSU-CA Local 1, assuming the old CBA prior to negotiating a new CBA in 2021, and how we can better communicate with both management and the membership through labor management zoom meetings and online membership meetings just to name a few issues. This 2 hour zoom meeting which will now be monthly, will now set the course to lay the foundation to better service our members, strengthen our Union and to achieve the best possible Paragon Systems new CBA going forward.

Former Los Angeles Local 3 President Darryl Hill addresses the 2020 LEOSU-CA / Paragon Los Angeles Leadership Committee on his vision for the future of LEOSU-CA Local 1 and the membership.

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