LEOSU Defeats spfpa Once Again 16 to 4 We Wish to Welcome the Paragon PSO's From Louisville Kent

Louisville, Kentucky - August 7, 2019 - In a stunning landslide election, the Law Enforcement Security Officers Union ("LEOSU") won the representation election and will be representing the protective service officers at Paragon Security facilities in Louisville, Kentucky."LEOSU is the strongest, fastest-growing 9(b)3 law enforcement and security police union in America," stated LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas,

After LEOSU filed an election, to represent the 81 Paragon Systems, Inc throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky, the rival Security Police & Fire Professionals of America ("SPFPA") intervened in the election. While the LEOSU was seeking to represent the entire group, the original petition was amended several times due to the fact that Patronus Systems Inc a security company owned by SPFPA Region 2 Vice President Rick O'Quinn's wife was awarded the entire commonwealth of Kentucky contract which intern raised a number of conflict of interest issues as well as what the appropriate unit would be since Patronus systems Inc was going to be the prime contractor as of July 1, 2019. After A NLRB hearing was held, the NLRB Acting Regional Director ruled the unit would only include the Paragon Systems, Inc protective service officers located at several federal in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Once the NLRB made its ruling, SPFPA sprung into action, launching what one union observer described as a "scorched-earth" campaign to demonize the rival union. SPFPA's President David Hickey even personally flew to Kentucky to campaign in the election, pleading and begging its former SPFPA members to come back home. In at least two letters written to the Paragon PSO officers, SPFPA attempted to offer its former SPFPA members $40,000 if they would just come back home.

In the end, these Paragon Systems Inc Louisville Kentucky protective service officers were not fooled by Hickey or SPFPA's propaganda and slanderous attacks, this was evident by the fact that LEOSU beat SPFPA once again this time by a score of 16 votes, to only 4 votes for SPFPA.

We wish to welcome these Paragon Systems, Inc Louisville, Kentucky protective service officers into the LEOSU family and we promise "WE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN".

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