315 Paragon System Security Professionals in NYC Will Soon Have Their Voices Heard in a Upcoming Mai

New York City, NY - On Monday, February 25, 2019 the National Labor Relations Board NLRB will be mailing out official ballots to the 315 Paragon System, Inc full-time and regular part-time armed and unarmed security officers employed by Paragon Systems, Inc. at the Federal Protective Service sites located in Manhattan, the Bronx, West Nyack, Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, and Peekskill, New York, covered under Paragon Systems, Inc.’s June 1, 2018, service contract with the United States Government.

Presently these Paragon System, Inc officers are presently represented represented by SEIU 32BJ a mixed guard union who many claim charge high dues and provide little or no union representation to its members. "The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU who has been battling Paragon Systems is very familiar with Paragon Systems tactics to undercut the wages and benefits of its security professionals when they are awarded a new contract" noted LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas. "Our Union is presently battling Paragon System at several facilities in the Washington DC area and has received national coverage over the situation". Paragon System, Inc Protective Service Officers Set To Walk Off The Job Next Week @ GSA ROB Building Washington DC

"Presently these NYC Paragon System security professionals are one of the lowest paid officers in the industry. We hope to change that when we are selected to represent these officers" noted Maritas.

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