Exelon Clinton Nuclear Security Officers Vote NUNSO / LEOSU YES Bringing 94 New Members to Our Fami

Clinton Illinois January 17, 2019 & January 18, 2019. Ninety four (94) Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers had their voices heard when they voted to be represented by the National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO a division of LEOSU. The National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO, is the only Nuclear Security Union in the United States that specializes in the exclusive representation of Nuclear Security Officers for the purposes of mutual aid & protection as well as collective bargaining.

During this campaign our union not only had to combat the employer, Exelon, but we also had to combat the incumbent union as well as the corrupt SPFPA union who has a long history of corruption and embezzlement and who was not a participating union, but intern had intentionally and maliciously interfered in our election. Both the Employer, the incumbent union and SPFPA openly ran a vote NO Union-Busting campaign, with SPFPA leading the charge by producing several Union-Busting Rat Union YouTube vote NO videos, which were texted anonymously to these Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers. A similar tactic SPFPA used in other Union-Busting campaigns.

Despite these Union-Busting Rat Union Tactics by SPFPA, these Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers were prepared for these attacks and not fooled by SPFPA's video attacks. We wish to welcome these 94 Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers to the NUNSO / LEOSU family.

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