The Union Busting Rat Union SPFPA Campaigns on Behalf of Management Urging Casino Officers to Vote N

SPFPA (UNION-BUSTING) RAT UNION EXPOSED - SPFPA Ran A (VOTE NO) Campaign @ MGM Springfield Casino. During a Union Campaign filed by LEOSU at MGM Springfield Casino, the SPFPA decided to intervene in this NLRB union election. Just days later SPFPA withdrew from this election after realizing they had no chance of winning against LEOSU once again.

This became apparent after some of the MGM Springfield Casino security officers told the SPFPA who has a long history of Corruption & Embezzlement that, the MGM Springfield Casino security officers did not want to be associated with a corrupt union like SPFPA. See YouTube video.

Soon after SPFPA starting texting MGM Springfield Casino security officers Union-Busting Vote NO YouTube videos. Helping MGM Springfield management expand their union busting campaign.

Under the National Labor Relations Act under 102.62(d) The parties shall not use the employee list for purposes other than the representation proceeding, Board proceedings arising from it, and related matters. The LEOSU has filed charges against the SPFPA for their malicious Union Busting tactics against both the LEOSU and the MGM Springfield casino security officers who were seeking to unionize. You can view the supporting NLRB charge against SPFPA here

Over the recent months the SPFPA has continually tried to interfere in LEOSU's campaigns after the SPFPA lost a number of groups including Georgetown University and Catholic University to LEOSU. Based on these SPFPA Union Busting attacks by SPFPA the LEOSU has made a number videos as noted above exposing this SPFPA Union Busting corrupt union noted LEOSU Director Calvin Wells.

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