MGM Springfield Casino Security Officers Set to Vote on Tuesday November 27th Fighting Back MGM'

Springfield Massachusetts - On Tuesday November 27th two hundred MGM Springfield Casino security officers will have an opportunity to have their voices heard when they will be voting for LEOSU representation. From the onset of this campaign MGM Springfield management went on the attack by hiring the Union Busting firm Government Resources Consultants of America who are one of the top Union Busting firms in the United States today. 24/7 these Union Busters are tying to intimidate these MGM Springfield Casino security officers into voting no on election day. These guys will stop at noting in regards to their intimidation and fear tactics noted LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas,

Based on the activity so far, this MGM Springfield Union-Busting campaign is expected to run between $500,000 to one Million dollars as more Union-Busting persuaders are appearing each day. Maritas has noted, ironically MGM management has hired the best Union-Busting consulting firm in the business to represent managements interests, then they tell their employees they don’t need a union to represent their interests. This is Hypocrisy at its best.

MGM is known for its anti-union stance when it comes to security officers due to the fact that under the gaming commission rules and regulations, a casino cannot open if casino security officers should decide to call off sick or walk off the job. MGM knows this and fears this type of power.

Several MGM Casino security officers who wish to remain anonymous noted that the lack of trust, broken promises, the lack of job security and RESPECT had motivated them to seek union representation. They noted when they were hired the officers were promised $18 an hour after 90 days, but now only receive $16 an hour. MGM management outright lied to us. They broke their promises and our trust. .Get the full story here.

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