Back in the Day Old NYC Union Guys Knew How To Argue at the Negotiation Table

David Hoffman was the director and the sole cameraman of this documentary film in support of a local New York union. This shows a scene from an AFL-CIO “negotiation” with NY city officials regarding whether union drivers were needed on garbage trucks. Hoffman filmed this by himself and he noted it was difficult to move around the room as a single cameraman. 1967 was a year where many people around the country were fighting loudly (verbally) with others who disagreed with them. About just about everything, especially the Vietnam War.

Unlike the old days when unions were really strong and powerful today's collective bargaining negotiations are more civilized then years ago. Today many union negotiations are limited to just a handful of people on both managements side and the Union side. Now days instead of negotiating with the president of the company your now negotiating with the head of human resources which typically is a woman. The days of cigarette and cigar smoking men negotiating in a smoked filled room yelling and cursing at each other all night long are long gone.

Back in the day NYC in 1967, there were no cell phones, lap tops or computers only yellow note pads and pencils.

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