Breaking News Press Release: LEOSU Exelon Braidwood Nuclear Union Election

Press Release: Hello and Welcome. We Hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. While you were celebrating the New Year we had some breaking news come in. The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU has filed an election with the National Labor Relations Board to represent the 108 nuclear security officers working at Braidwood Nuclear in Illinois.For the last 20 years these Braidwood Nuclear security officers have been under contract with the SPFPA.Some of the reason these Braidwood Nuclear Officers are looking to change unions is due to the lack of support and communication between their International union and the membership, poor servicing, failure to do site visits or membership meetings and accepting whatever management should offer at the bargaining table without a fight, just to name a few.The LEOSU expects that an election will be held sometime around January 24th. We shall keep you informed.

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