Special Police Officers Working For SecTek at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington

September 6, 2017 - Washington DC - The Special Police Officers (SPO's) Working at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for SecTek in Washington DC Votes Unanimously in Favor of Joining LEOSU-DC, showing 100% of support.

These SecTek Special Police Officers had previously been represented by another smaller, self-serving ineffective union. When we first filed the petition to represent these SecTek SPO officers with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the other Union took the position that the Union and company had a collective bargaining agreement in place barring the process of our petition under a contract bar rule. However after further investigation by the LEOSU-DC of this contract bar claim, we were able to determine this was not the case.

"After the LEOSU-DC notified the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) we had documents in our possession clearly showing the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the other union was claiming was not a contract bar since it had flaws in the CBA which would not constitute a contract bar, the other union disclaimed interest in these SPO SecTek officers noted LEOSU-DC Organizing Director Steve Maritas.

We wish to welcome these new Special Police Officers (SPO's) Working at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for SecTek to the LEOSU-DC family and we look forward to negotiating a collective bargaining agreement within the next few months which these officers can be proud of.

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