Trinity College Campus Safety Officers & Dispatchers are Set to Vote for LEOSU Representation on

Trinity College Hartford CT- The Campus Safety Officers & Dispatchers who are entrusted to protect and monitor crime at Trinity College in Hartford CT will soon have their voices heard as they are set to vote on Thursday May 4th for representation by the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU, LEOS-PBA. See Documents here.

This group is presently under contract with the Security Police Fire International Union from Roseville, Michigan which has a long history of embezzlement and corruption as well as many Department of Labor and NLRB violations.

Most recently the Security Police Fire International Union was forced into a settlement Agreement to pay back $20,000 to its members at the Ronald Reagan in DC for illegally taking their dues.

In another unrelated case this same Security Police Fire union is being charged with illegally signing a CBA with an employer at the Government Printing Office in DC and then illegally charging these officers monthly union dues.

See the enclosed documents: Security Police Fire Union – NLRB Email Charging them with Illegally Stealing Members from a rival union & illegally charging these security officers dues. Employer NLRB Charge.

Security Police Fire NLRB Charge.

Prior to the LEOSU filing an election on behalf of these Trinity College Campus Safety Officers & Dispatchers these officers filed a decertification election to get rid of the Security Police Fire International Union.Case Number: 01-RD-195561. Many of these Trinity College officers had noted that during the last negotiations the Security Police Fire International Union gave back many benefits and did not allow them to ratify their contract. The LEOSU has already assigned this group a Local Website and which can be viewed at LEOSUCT207.Org.

"Upon winning this election the LEOSU will immediately seek to negotiate back the benefits these officers lost. In addition these officers will have a say and voice as to what goes into their contract as well as the right to ratify their contract" stated LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas.

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