NASA HQ Security Officers Vote in Favor of LEOSU-DC Representation while the Security Police Fire In

Washington DC- On Good Friday, April 14, 2017, the National Labor Relations Board concluded the mail ballot election between the Law Enforcement Security Unions LEOSU-DC and the Security Police Fire Union from Roseville, Michigan which has a long history of embezzlement and corruption as well as many Department of Labor and NLRB violations to determine who will have the privilege of representing the security officers, security assistants, security specialists, and security receptionists working for Security Support Services, LLC, at NASA headquarters in Washington DC.

In the end, when all was said and done, the Law Enforcement Security Unions LEOSU-DC was the victor, winning in a landslide victory and the Security Police Fire Union losing in an embarrassing loss receiving only 4 votes out of 43 votes.

Steve Maritas, Organizing Director of LEOSU-DC noted this landslide victory by LEOSU-DC clearly shows that these NASA security officers were fed up with the lack of service and the lack of representation by the Security Police Fire Union. Noting that many of these NASA officers have complained that this union hasn't been seen or heard from in almost 3 years. Once LEOSU-DC filed an election all of sudden this union wanted to hold meetings to find out what was some of the problems at this facility. "Where has this union been for 3 years?" noted one NASA security Officer.

What makes this victory so sweet noted LEOSU-DC Organizing Director Steve Maritas, is that on April 11, 2017 the Security Police Fire Region 4 Vice President sent an email to Security Police Fire Union President David L. Hickey mocking Maritas. In this email exchange that was cc to Maritas, the Security Police Fire Union took the low road of name calling as well as claiming “SPFPA has all the Aces” -“You called Down the Thunder Well You Got It” stated McCray.

In the end the “LEOSU-DC had the last laugh” stated Maritas. As to McCray, Maritas noted “the immaturity of both McCray & Security Police Fire International President David L. Hickey”clearly shows you the kind of security union they really are. Between the lack of leadership, the immaturity and all the corruption & embezzlement going on at the Security Police Fire Union, it is no wonder why, so many members are leaving this organization, approximately 15,000 members since 2013”. Stated Maritas.

We wish to welcome all of the NASA security officers into the LEOSU-DC family and "we promise we won't let you down".

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