Baystate Franklin Medical Center Security Officers in Greenfield, Massachusetts Vote 3 to 1 in Favor

Greenfield, Massachusetts - The security officers who are entrusted to protect the Baystate Franklin Medical Center patients and staff have voted to unionize and affiliate with the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions under the name Baystate Franklin Security Officers Union (BFSOU).- Notice of Election

While these Baystate Franklin Medical Center security officers were committed to this fight from the very beginning, seeking job security, fairness and RESPECT, the hospital went on the attack from the moment the NLRB petition was filed, by first hiring the biggest law firm in New England Skoler Abbott & Presser P.C.

Thereafter Baystate Franklin Medical Center immediately hired a high priced Union-Busting consultant who's normal fee is $3,000 a day, to do mandatory Union-Busting persuader meetings, in their attempt to put out the fire.

"Despite all their Union-Busting activities, and personal attacks which had no business in this campaign, the security officers who formed the Baystate Franklin Security Officers Union (BFSOU) stood strong, never wavering"in the heat of this battle. This was evident by the fact that the hospital only received 4 votes, stated LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas.

A special thanks goes out to Kris Morandi and Nicholas Jablonski as well as the rest of the team who continued to stand strong throughout this union campaign. We welcome you to the LEOSU Family.

Once the Union is officially certified, we will begin the process of collective bargaining to improve wages, benefits, job security and other conditions of employment.

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