From Dallas to Michigan a Sad Week for Law Enforcement Officers Everywhere

From Dallas to Michigan our prayers go out to the law enforcement officers who were recently killed and to their families.

National Organization of Police Organizations NAPO Statement on the Murders of Dallas Police Officers

On the night of July 7, 2016, the law enforcement community suffered the deadliest attack since September 11, 2001. Four Dallas police officers and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer were murdered in cold blood in a coordinated ambush sniper attack by a perpetrator who stated that he wanted to kill police officers, particularly white police officers. The men and women of NAPO condemn in the strongest possible terms the brutal and deliberate ambush murders of these officers. Yet again, persistent and nationwide calls for the killing of officers, coupled with the deafening silence of America’s elected and appointed officials, has led to another cowardly assassination of five of our finest. While we mourn and grieve and commit ourselves to supporting the survivors, we must also stand up and speak out against the senseless agitators and gutless politicians who helped bring about these murders.

Read the entire statement here.

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