LEOSU Executive Board Members & General Counsel Grant Lally meet to discuss the recent terrorist

November 16, 2015 - The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU) Executive Board met with General Counsel Grant Lally of the law firm of Lally & Misir, LLP to discuss the recent attacks in Paris and the newly released propaganda video by ISIS to attack sites on our nations capitol in Washington DC.

General Counsel Grant Lally stated the attacks in Paris should serve as a wake-up call for Americans.“It's not just Europe. I think we here in the United States need to be obviously quite vigilant especially the thousands of law enforcement officers, special police officers and other security professionals who are entrusted to protect our homeland security in Washington DC and elsewhere around the country".

Lally noted, security is ramping up across the country. There is a heavy police presence in Times Square, and U.S. Capitol Police sent a security awareness reminder to congressional offices today. U.S. Park Police have also increased patrols to protect “treasured icons and law enforcement, special police officers and other security professionals nationwide remain on high alert.

The LEOSU Executive Board is also reminding its members to stay vigilant and always remember the saying "not if its going to happen at your location, but rather when it is going to happen at your location".

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