In Tribute to FJC Federal Contract Guard Idrissa Camara who was Senselessly Gunned Down at the NYC F

The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU) would like to send its condolences to FJC security New York federal contract guard Camara's family and wish to dedicate this LEOSU website to him as a reminder to everyone how dangerous being a law enforcement, federal contract guard, special police officer, security police officer, security officer or guard really is and how everyday we put our lives on the line. The question that every officer should remember each day before reporting to post is " NOT if its going to happen - but rather WHEN is it going to happen". We are saddened to say FJC Federal Contract Guard Idrissa Camara, found this out on 8/21/15. May our Brother RIP.

Read more about the tragic story of FJC Federal Contract Guard Idrissa Camara here.

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