Some of the Benefits of LEOSU Membership


Located througout New York, New Jersey and connecticut LEOSU Local Unions and members are the heart and backbone of LEOSU. Unlike other security unions, LEOSU is structured to promote strong locals with strong leaders. The members of each LEOSU Local Union elect their own officers, all outlined under our International Constitution and Bylaws. While enjoying their independence, the LEOSU Local Unions benefit from the expertise and assistance of the International, LEOSU National Unions its divisions and our affiliate partners within the Union's structure.

The LEOSU International & National Unions retains its own expert labor attorneys, certified public accountants, full-time business agents, organizers, negotiators and clerical staff to help assist LEOSU Local Unions. We provide the tools, guidance, programs and expert training to help each LEOSU Local Union achieve success and the RESPECT you all deserve.


Affordable union dues that won't increase without consent of the bargaining unit

Unlimited access and consultation with experienced professionals for bargaining unit employees regarding workplace concerns

Fair and strong employee-focused negotiations with your employer on your behalf

Personalized and experienced representation on wage negotiations, benefits, unfair labor practices and working conditions, disciplinary actions including termination, grievances, and arbitrations, etc

Clear and concise guidance and training regarding what the negotiated CBA means for you in the workplace

On site enforcement of your collective bargaining agreement

Specialized National Unions and divisions representing all security industries

Shop steward training

Access to benefit programs and discount union benefit programs

LEOSU stands on the principles of honesty, accountability, transparency & no back room deals, unlike other security unions from around the country

Active engagement and partnership with the SPSOA to address your interests/concerns with your employer

LEOSU is here to represent your interests NOT managements

An experienced team of law enforcement, security police professionals and union representatives that understand the security industry and the membership

An experienced team of lawyers, benefit providers, accountants, negotiators, law enforcement and security guard trainers and other professionals ensuring the best representation for our members

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