How to Join or Form a Security Guard / Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officers Security Union L


Before we explain how to join or form a security guard /

security officer or Law Enforcement Security Union like LEOSU you must first ask yourself what is a union?

A union is an organized group of workers who collectively use their strength to have a voice in their workplace. Through a union, workers have a right to impact wages, work hours, benefits, workplace health and safety, job training and other work-related issues.

What is an Association?

A group of people, workers, security guards, security officers, security police ect, organized for a joint purpose.

A union unlike an association normally seeks collective bargaining rights at a specific work location and/or company vs. an association which organizes for a joint purpose and is made up of many individual security guards within the security industry working for many different companies and/or possessing a security guard license if such states require one.

Steps to Create a Union Where You Work

As noted above a union is simply an employee organization—protected by law—where a group of workers joins together to improve and guarantee their wages, benefits and working conditions. A union also gives employees a way to achieve respect and fairness on the job and a stronger voice to impact employer decisions. Without a union, employers have 100% control.

By joining together you will have far more power to make positive changes and gain protections in your workplace than you would alone or with a just a few co-workers. Although work settings and issues vary, you can count on these 5 Basic Steps to create a union where you work. Are you ready to get started?

Get more information on How to Join or Form a Security Guard / Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officers Security Union Like LEOSU here.

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