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LEOSU seeks to represent all school security officers working in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & the New England States, Maryland, Washington DC Capitol Region and throughout the Northeast and/or within our jurisdiction and we welcome you to contact us or join us to find out how we can help you and your co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a LEOSU union contract. 



GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Provides security for the school district staff, students, buildings and property through patrol of school building(s) and building perimeters, including parking lots, to prevent unauthorized visitors or property damage and to provide for general building security; does related work as required.


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Under general supervision, employees in this class are responsible for maintaining over-all security for all occupants and property of the assigned school district buildings, parking lots and sites in accordance with established security procedures. This classification is unarmed and does not have the power to arrest individuals for security breaches. This position is distinguished from the Safety and Security Officer in that this position is not responsible for conducting inspections of building and grounds for hazardous conditions and/or safety violations. Supervision may be exercised over the work of School
Monitors, Security Aides and/or other security personnel.


Oversees and participates in security inspections of school facilities;

Develops and periodically monitors a reporting system designed to detect security issues in school facilities;

Makes recommendations to correct security issues once identified;

Participates in providing security for all occupants of school buildings and grounds;

Provides assistance and security to community agencies using school facilities and for after school activities;

Prevents unauthorized visitors from entering school buildings and/or loitering on school grounds;

Informs counselors, parents, teachers and school administrators of student behavior problems;

Carries out investigations, upon request, regarding cases of legal residency of students;

Monitors illegal student absences;

Maintains liaison with police, fire and other municipal departments to insure maximum use of their services in order to provide adequate security and safety;

Represents school district in court-related matters;

Prepares reports and assists in special assignments as directed;

Uses computer applications or other automated systems such as spreadsheets, word
processing, calendar, e-mail and database software in performing work assignments.


May assist in handling emergency disciplinary matters;

May, under specifically defined and limited circumstances, use force;

May organize and oversee the security assignments of Security Aides, Watchpersons, and School Monitors with regard to building access, District security procedures, etc.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Good knowledge of police and security techniques; good knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques employed in establishing and maintaining building security; skill in observing and detecting unusual occurrences or behavior; ability to use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and database software; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, school personnel, subordinates and the general public; ability to maintain records and prepare written reports; initiative; sound judgment; tact; courtesy; physical condition commensurate with the duties of the position.



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