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LEOSU seeks to represent all CSO's court security officers working in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & the New England States, Maryland, Washington DC Capitol Region and throughout the Northeast and/or within our jurisdiction and we welcome you to contact us or join us to find out how we can help you and your co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a LEOSU union contract. 


What To Expect When Visiting a Courthouse 

The moment you enter the building that houses a Federal court, you become aware of the security measures in place.  Near the building entrance, or in Federal Buildings with multiple tenants near the entrance to the courtrooms, you will pass through a screening station.  This station is staffed by Court Security Officers (CSOs).  You can expect the CSOs to check the contents of your purse or briefcase by passing them through an X-ray machine.  You can also expect to be required to walk through some form of metal detection equipment.  Should you have prohibited items on your person or in the items you brought with you, they will be identified in this screening process.


Obviously, weapons are prohibited in any Federal court facility. This includes firearms of any type as well as knives.  In addition, photography and video or audio recording of court proceedings is not permitted, so don’t bring your camera or tape recorder into court.  Other items that would be disruptive to court proceedings are also banned.  This may include pagers and cell phones.  If you have any of these items with you upon entering a court facility, you may be refused admittance until you are able to remove these items from your possession.  Generally, the facility will not have storage space available, so you may be required to leave the court in order to store prohibited items at an off site location.  After you have cleared the screening station, you will be permitted to proceed to the courtroom to view the trial or hearing. 


Court Security Officer position requirements


Court Security Officers (CSOs) are recruited, hired, and employed by a private company awarded a security contract by the United States Marshals Service (USMS). 


You must contact the specific company or contractor to apply for employment.  To qualify for a CSO position, an individual must meet the following minimum qualifications:


Candidates must be U.S. citizens, be at least 21 years of age, and be able to fluently speak, read, and write the English language. 


CSO applicants must also be a graduate of a certified Federal, state, county or local law enforcement academy and have at least three years of law enforcement experience with general arrest authority.  


CSO applicants must successfully pass a background investigation and subsequent reinvestigations, as determined by the Federal government. 


To qualify, applicants must also successfully complete an approved firearms course with a U.S. Government issued weapon. 


To retain their eligibility, incumbents must complete the firearms course annually.


CSOs are also required to undergo and pass an initial medical examination and annual medical examinations. 


Currently, four companies hold CSO contracts the USMS:  AKAL Security Inc.,Walden SecurityInter-Con Security Systems, Inc., and MVM, Inc


Since its establishment in 1980, Akal Security has grown from a small local firm to one of the largest contract security companies in the United States. Today, Akal Security is the largest provider of contract Judicial Security services, protecting federal courthouses in 40 states. Akal Security specializes in providing security for critical federal government facilities, state and local government agencies and military installations.


Average Federal Court Security Officer Salaries

The average salary for federal court security officer jobs is $48,000. Average federal court security officer salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.


Court Security Contractors 

The following chart outlines the businesses that have been awarded Court Security Contracts.


Circuit               Contract #              Contractor


1st Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0501    Akal Security, Inc.

2nd Circuit        DJMS-11-D-0502    Inter-Con Security

3rd Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0503    Akal Security, Inc.

4th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0504    Walden Security

5th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0505    Akal Security, Inc.

6th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0506    Akal Security, Inc.

7th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0507    Akal Security, Inc. *

8th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0508    Akal Security, Inc.

9th Circuit         DJMS-11-D-0509    Inter-Con Security

10th Circuit       DJMS-11-D-0510    MVM, Inc

11th Circuit       DJMS-11-D-0511    Akal Security, Inc. *

12th Circuit       DJMS-11-D-0512    Akal Security, Inc.


*7th Circuit - C/IL DJMS-12-D-0462 American Paragon Protective Services, LLC 

*11th Circuit - N/FL DJMS-12-D-0463 American Paragon Protective Services, LLC


Court Security Officer Jobs